Clarity pt.1

Everything is tied together spiritual mental and physical. Our environment our mental clarity our physical diets. Read the other day and it made me look at well further think about how you see a church liquor store and a mc Donalds all on the same place. Its like a cycle. You wanna erase and drown sorrows grab a bottle. Quick food to calm hunger grab a big mac. Then when everything goes wrong scream out to jesus to fix it all. In thought of self what did your ancestors do. They studied the principles through nature to connect to their higher self. Learned discipline through their body be not only a temple but the conductors of which the most high energy comes through and produces what they feel think and see. We literally become what we think see and surround ourselves with. Congested in our own thoughts. Further becoming bogged down an riddled with energy of outside forces. We speak maybe or can’t instead of speaking I will and I can. Then we find ourselves depressed lack of energy sick. Then off to the doctor for medications that prolong the thought of death not preserving the feeling of life. We digest quick meals in our teens and twenties then at the age of 60 we wanna start eating right and more exercise. We spend our whole lives looking for fulfillment in our own ways hoping we get the chance to go to heaven. Not knowing that as is above so shall below is the connotation of us as spirits in our vessels heaven is peace self love positivity growth and knowledge. While hell is misery jealousy greed pride lust our lower selves. Fear that the gap we will create and the path will be lonely. Not realizing that growth and higher ascension to our better higher self will either show example to better and the minds of the ones we leave behind. In all it is truth that will be seen. Knowledge is power knowledge is wealth. Even now as I right this I grow in the understanding that as I grow and learn my outlook on how I take on the day is different. The environments in
Which I move in are different.

Asè Asè Asè

Grand Raising God Kings and Goddess Queens.

Be complacent in being uncomfortable. If the energies around and within you whether people, places, ideas, even goals aren’t forcing a sense of feeling uncomfortable. Give you a wanting/ need to work harder, think more critically. Aquire at higher level of vocabulary a higher level of standard of quaility for stability and peace. Let it go.!!! Just like we should make budgets for our day to day month to month expenses. Thats how we should treat our emotion, mental, physical, and our overall energy “bank.” Applying this thought process will provide deeper insight and a greater sense of balance and maintain in our day to day. We are what we think. We attract the counterparts of what we are. Everything is fuel everything is energy. We are chaos beings. Gods and Goddesses we are great!!!!!

Grand Rise


No longer do I stay still waiting,

Beat myself up or hold back merely wasting,

New found confidence to most seems arrogant

I don’t give energy to perception my crown they aren’t wearing it,

Most can’t see you now cause they stuck in then,
Can’t mark or access I’m a different pin,

I’m a G.enerator connected to the higher energy,

The O.perator my frequency is on alchemy,

A D.estroyer in the sense no fear to let go and rebuild,

A king in discipline of Negus G.O.D. body astrofield.

To feel your energy to see your arua,

To feel your energy to see your orua,
Entices my very being captivates my euphora,
I crave you similar to tree to the sun’s light,
More than just a infatuation or another delight,
When you enter before even seeing you I feel your presence,
Your sent fills my body as I anticipate you very essence,
Long after a hug goodbye the feeling lingers,
Then words like these leave my lips and fingers,

We are what we think

In order to receive we must promote the energy of what we deserve into ourselves. We are what we think positive and negative. If we are striving for change and growth truth and balance. No that it will come. Also know that what will also surface is the very energies we need to stray from. That’s when you have to weigh do I want more of the same or do I wanna step up and out from behind the shadows of the old self into the light and power of my new self. Conditioning is super real. It can have us stuck on the things we are used to and have us walk away or turn blind eye to what we are to become or what we’ve been searching for. To live in our strength or to exist in our weakness. Asè